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Evaluation of residual alterations with PET-CT after an oncological treatment

The 28-year-old man was treated with chemotherapy because of an aggressive lymphatic tumor (Hodgkin lymphoma). The CT examination performed after the therapy showed the shrinkage of the lymphoid alterations, but in the thoracic area residual tissue was observed, in the background of which the possibility of scar tissue arouse. A PET-CT examination was performed to assess the thoracic alteration, which detected an active disease and due to this fact a complementary radiation therapy was performed. The control PET-CT showed further decrease in size of the thoracic alteration, at the same site active disease could not been observed, there was only scar tissue. Lymphoid abnormality could not been observed in other organs, tissues and lymph nodes (the disease showed complete remission). During 4 years of the control examinations performed after the successful therapy, there were no signs of recurrence of the disease.

4 esethez lymphoma 2XPET