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Melanoma (the most feared skin cancer type)

A malignant tumorous process originating from melanocytes (skin cells which produce pigments). The incidence has been increasing continuously in the last few years. If the size of an existing birth-mark increases or you experience changes in its color or shape or if you observe a newly growing skin structure, a dermatological examination is recommended. Surgical removal and histological evaluation of the suspicious skin abnormality is the basis of the diagnosis. In case of an early diagnosis, the disease is curable by a good chance, but if the disease spreads into deeper layers of the skin the chance of metastasis development increases. The latter drastically impairs the disease outcome.


The most frequent indications of PET-CT in case of melanoma:

  • In case of a locally advanced disease that spreads to deeper layers of the skin; to detect distant metastases (it does not substitute the sentinel lymph node examination).
  • In assessment of efficacy of the applied treatment.
  • Before removal of metastasis proven by another method to exclude further spreading.
  • In judging the operability of a recurrence.
  • In clarification of the background of increased tumor marker level (S100) during the control examinations.




Lymph node, lymph duct scintigraphy, SPECT-CT