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Malignant brain tumors

Several benign and malignant brain tumors can be classified into the group of brain tumors. Fortunately two thirds of them are benign, malignant brain tumors occur more rarely. Therapeutic and survival chances of malignant brain tumors depend on not only the histological type but the site and location of the tumor. In case of tumors of vital brain areas or if the surgery may be associated with severe neurological-psychological consequences, a histologically less malignant tumor has also a low survival rate.

Unfortunately in case of more benign, operable tumors the recurrence is also frequent and these times usually a malignant tumor type occurs which grows faster and causes more symptoms. If the tumor is in a well operable area the primary care is neurosurgery and this may be combined with radiation therapy and if necessary with drug therapy.

In case of inoperability the latter two options are available. There are brain tumors that respond well to radiation therapy in case of which there is a chance for long term survival even without a surgical intervention.

After treating malignant brain tumors (with surgery or radiation therapy), a sensitive method for detecting a possible recurrence is the PET-CT examination.



Cerebral PET-CT examination (methionine)

Cerebral PET-CT examination (FDG) for the assessment of biological behaviour, aggressiveness (grading)