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Thyroid nodules

In most cases a swelling on the anterior part of the neck draws the attention to nodular diseases of the thyroid gland. But these nodules not only represent an aesthetic problem. The so called hot nodules may cause hyperthyroidism, and cold nodules also represent a potential risk as they can transform into cancer.

With an isotope examination we can decide into which type can the abnormality be classified. A hot nodule stores the isotope in an increased amount. A hot nodule is usually benign and can be treated effectively.

A cold nodule takes up smaller amount of isotope than normally. One portion of cold nodules can be malignant and that is why in these cases the next step is cytological and histological examination.

In case of benign thyroid nodules treatment can be performed with medications or with radioiodine therapy, in case of malignant thyroid nodules radioiodine therapy may come after the surgical intervention.



Thyroid scintigraphy (with Tc)


I-131 iodine therapy up to 550 MBq