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Kidney diseases

Every tenth adult is affected by some kind of kidney disorder or disease. Kidney diseases can be results of inflammations. One type of this is an autoimmune disease which impairs the functioning renal tissue.


With static renal scintigraphy developmental abnormalities of the kidney, functional changes and inflammatory injuries can also be detected.

  • horseshue-kidney,
  • dystopic kidney,
  • enlarged kidney,
  • Impaired renal parenchyma function,
  • inflammation (pyelonephritis)

Renal disorder may refer to abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, but at the same time an existing high blood pressure can also cause renal function disorder. This has a high risk especially when the higher than normal blood pressure remains unnoticed for a while and by the time it is diagnosed, kidney has already been damaged.

With dynamic renal scintigraphy we can perform the differential diagnosis of urine flow disorders, and with provocation we can detect whether the high blood pressure of the patient is caused by narrowing of the renal artery or not.



Static renal scintigraphy

Dynamic renal scintigraphy with provocation