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Determination of tumor, metastasis and stage with only one examination

We succeeded in determining the breast cancer, metastases and the stage of the disease with a PET-CT examination after finding a swollen lymph node. Due to this fact the physician could initiate the therapy immediately.

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Successful change of the therapeutic method after a PET-CT examination

Discovery of a difficultly recognizable thyroid cancer with PET-CT examination by a patient having colon cancer with lung metastasis. Based on the test results therapeutic method has been changed and as a result of this lung metastases regressed.

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Successful primary tumor research with PET-CT in case of metastatic cancer

In the background of the swollen lymph node on the neck, tumorous metastasis was observed, but the initial site of the process, the primary tumor was not found. With PET-CT we successfully identified the primary tumor.

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Evaluation of residual alterations with PET-CT after an oncological treatment

In case of a lymphoma patient during the CT examination performed after chemotherapy found a residual alteration, according to which the PET-CT examination showed active disease and due to this fact, a complementary radiation therapy was performed. On the images of the control PET-CT at the same site there was only scar tissue, the repeated PET-CT proved the success of the therapy.

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